Kerala Cashew Board Limited has been pursuing consistently with cashew producing African countries for direct import of Raw Cashew Nuts with active support of Government Agencies there. Pursuant to above, Kerala Cashew Board Ltd has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Cotton and Cashew Council, Government of Cote d’Ivoire. Similar arrangements are on the anvil with other Government agencies.

Kerala Cashew Board Ltd is undertaking large scale import of Raw Cashew Nuts from cashew producing countries through global tenders. More than 20,000 MT of Raw Cashew Nuts has been so far imported from Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Ghana for the use of Government run cashew processing units. Kerala Cashew Board Ltd plans to expand its activities by supplying imported Raw Cashew Nuts to the processing units in the Private Sector also, for which, registration of such units are in progress.

Import of Raw Cashew Nuts

SL No Country of Origin Month & Year Quantity (MT)
1 Mozambique March,2023 2025.703
2 Ghana April, 2023 3301.224
3 Ghana May, 2023 3357.051
4 Guinea-Bissau August, 2023 3300
5 Guinea-Bissau September, 2023 2128.379
TOTAL 14112.357
1 Tanzania March,2024 1889
2 Ghana April, 2024 5000
TOTAL 6889

Milestones of KCB Ltd