Kerala Cashew Board Limited

is incorporated as a Special Purpose Vehicle by Government of Kerala with the main objective of procuring Raw Cashew Nuts from within and outside India and making it available to various cashew processing units in the State.  Having started its operations in the year 2017, Kerala Cashew Board Ltd is playing a pivotal role in bridging the gap between cashew processing capacity and Raw Cashew Nuts availability in the State.


Kerala Cashew Board Ltd is now engaged in import of Raw Cashew Nuts from various cashew producing African countries such as Guinea Bissau, Mozambique, Ghana, Tanzania, Cote d’Ivoire etc. The imported Raw Cashew Nuts will be supplied to cashew processing units both in the Public Sector and Private Sector and this enables to provide continuous jobs to the workers in the cashew sector. Thus, it paves the way for stabilization of Raw Cashew Nuts price in the State.


  • To procure and import Raw Cashew Nuts from within and outside India.
  • To process, value-add and market the product in domestic and international markets.
  • To supply Raw Cashew Nuts to domestic cashew processing units.
  • To promote scientific cultivation of cashew to enhance domestic raw nut production.